Windows NT 3.51: Create Emergency Repair Disk

If there is a problem with your Windows NT 3.51 server or workstation, you may need an Emergency Repair Disk to help restore corrupted or missing configuration files in order to recover your system. The Repair disk can assist you with that task.

NOTE: Always update your Emergency Repair Disk after making changes to your Windows NT 3.51 system (ie: updating drivers, installing system software, etc).

To create or update the Emergency Repair Disk:

  1. In the Main group, double click the "Command Prompt" icon to open an command prompt.
  2. Type in the following command and press enter:

  3. A dialog will come up - you can either update an existing Repair disk (by clicking Update), or create a new one (by clicking Create).

Once created, you can use this diskette to boot the system in the event of an issue with the boot files on the hard disk drive.